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The South, Mauritius


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Bois Cheri Tea Plantation

Dating back to 1892, Bois Chéri is the first tea plantation in Mauritius that today not only produces a range of flavoured and refreshing teas, green teas and herbal teas but also offers a splendid panoramic view of the south of the island with an opportunity to taste the different varieties. For a more enriching experience, visit of the factory and the museum explains the history, stories, tales of Bois Cheri and the journey so far.

Bois Cheri Factory and Musuem

The Bois Cheri Factory and Museum is spread across 250 hectares amid a vast acreage of cane. It offers a wonderful experience through time and helps in understanding the history of tea production in Mauritius. A short tour of around an hour takes you through the tea processing facility but the best part of the tour is the sampling/tasting session at the end. One can also stick around for lunch at the in-house restaurant that not only serves gourmet cuisine prepared from locally sourced ingredients but also offers captivating view over the riverine plains.

Tea Tasting

Tea Tasting at Bois Cheri chalet is a gift to the tea lovers and people come here especially driven by the sheer desire of tasting the wide varieties of teas. Located just a short drive from the tea factory and museum, the chalet is nestled in a pristine natural setting, surrounded by lush greenery, that calms your senses and gives ultimate relaxation.

23 Coloured Earth

A paradise for nature lovers, La Vallee des Couleurs is home to a wide array of flora and fauna. It is also a great place for enjoyment and physical activities viz zip line, Nepalese bridge walk etc. while being in the lap of nature. The visitors are left in awe of the place as the presence of natural landscapes including plateaus, mountains, valleys, craters all in one place is indeed a visual treat. It is also famous for the story behind the origin and formation of the 23 Coloured Earth which dates back to millions of years resulting from the volcanic eruption of the Bassin Blanc. The visit to the reserve also includes access to the many facilities of the reserve such as the Kids Garden, Cafeteria and the restaurant.

Blue Bay Beach

Blue Bay Beach located in the southeast of Mauritius is one of the most beautiful beaches’ in the Grand Port district. It is popular amongst locals as well as tourists alike not only due to the unique shades of blue in the waters but also for some of the most amazing snorkelling experience in Mauritius. The bay is flocked with corals and fishes of all colours, shapes and forms which make it a popular attraction. Owing to the shallow and still waters, the distance to the coral reef and large surface area, Blue Bay is a heaven for underwater photography.

Marine Park

The Blue Bay marine park located in the southeast of Mauritius is renowned for its remarkable coral garden, which is home to hundreds of varieties of corals and abundant fauna. Being very close to the coastline and having a rich biodiversity with calm and shallow sea-water, the site offers perfect conditions not only for snorkelling enthusiasts but also for people fond of observing the coral life.

Glass Bottom

To have a perfect experience of the beauty of the Blue Bay marine park that cannot be put in words, it’s a must do for all visitors to take a tour on the glass bottom boat. This one hour experience will give you many moments to cherish for lifetime and will leave you mesmerized with the sheer beauty of the underwater life. The Blue Bay Marine Park is home to mangroves, algae, sea grasses, corals, and other marine organisms. There is also a wide variety of fish species that include Damselfish, Surgeonfish, Butterfly fish, juvenile Sailfin tangs, as well as tiny Pipefish and large Trumpet fish. All these make the glass bottom boat trip at the Marine Park a wondrous experience.