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The South, Mauritius


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The Morne

Flocked with luxurious hotels and golf courses, Le Morne in the southern part of Mauritius offers a wide range of experience and pleasure. A symbol of slaves’ fight for freedom, their suffering and sacrifice, the mountain of Le Morne is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Pristine white sandy beaches, turquoise water, mountain and greenery blends together into an amazing view. The southern part of Le Morne is ‘The Place’ to try kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing in the strong and steady south-east trade winds. The One Eye surf spot at Le Morne is world renowned, with its fast left tube that makes the shape of an eye before breaking on the shallow reef.

Baie du Cap

Located on the south coast of Mauritius, Baie Du Cap is a small, serene village well known for its natural beauty and its wild, rugged coastlines. To get a stunning and breath taking view of the Indian Ocean from the peak of a rocky cliff, a lot of tourists and residents drive to Le Morne. With the picturesque land and seascapes, encompassing the red-coloured earth, the deep green forest, the lines of palm trees, and the sparkling blue sea by the side- you will have an incredible journey to the viewpoint, Maconde which lies between Le Morne and Baie du Cap.

Gris Gris

Located at the southernmost tip of Mauritius, Gris-Gris offers a wonderful reflection of nature’s power demonstrated by the strong waves. The golden beach and mesmerizing view of waves that crash against the walls of the cliffs offer a breath taking sight and an amazing opportunity to take great pictures.

Roche qui pleure

Around half a kilometre ahead at the end of the headland after Gris-Gris is La Roche Qui Pleure which resembles a crying man. It offers a picturesque view of the Indian Ocean that is more often used to see through its lagoons. It is called the crying rock because the continuous beating of the waves on the flanks gives the impression that it cries. Beauty of Mother Nature at its best is to be experienced to be believed.

La Vanille Crocrodile Park

The Vanille Nature Park set in a tropical forest amidst variety of exotic flora and fauna is situated in the south of Mauritius. The Park specializes in numerous species of crocodiles and a diverse range of animals including but not limited to giant tortoises, iguanas, deer and wild pigs. Another major attraction at the park is the section dedicated to insects and colourful butterflies which happens to be one of the largest collections’ of insects in the world. One will also get to explore a world-class exhibit of hundreds of ammonite fossils from Madagascar which is the latest addition to the park. The Vanilla Nature Park also offers a specially designed play area for the fun loving children that include plethora of entertaining activities and a mini petting farm. To please the taste buds, one can head for lunch to Le Crocodile Affamé (the Famished Crocodile) restaurant that offers a number of delicacies with crocodile meat dishes being the speciality.